Before, During and After Permanent Makeup

  • Upon leaving, we will provide you with moist cotton to clean the new tattoo area every half hour for the first day. This is to remove any lymph drainage.  Lymph drainage will turn to scab and this is how color is lost (so we want to remove as much lymph as possible).  At the end of the first day, apply a “pin drop” size of your aftercare Restore product.
  • For the next 7days, apply a pin drop of your restore product morning and night. The purpose of Restore is to provide vitamins and nutrients to the tattoo.  The area should still be kept dry.  Applying too much product will keep the area too moist and delay healing time.   Use a clean dry finger to apply Restore.  Clients with health conditions may heal slower than others.
  • Do not get the new tattoo wet for 7 days.
    • For brows and liner, tilt your head back in the shower, and use a washcloth for your face.
    • For lips, use a straw for drinking and avoid messy foods.
    • For areola, we will send you home with barrier tape to cover your tattoo – bathing is easier. You will leave with a dressing on your treatment area at which you can remove at home and wear loose fitting clothing.  Clean the lymph for the first day, and apply after care before bedtime.
  • Do not use makeup on or near the area for 7 days while skin is healing. Expect to lose some of your color during the first 30 days. After the healing period (7 days) you may use makeup  to touch up any spots that may need it, until you return for your complimentary appointment at which this time those spots will be retouched.    Use this time to experiment with your makeup to see any design tweaks you may want to have at your touch up finishing appointment.
  • Do not touch, rub or pick at any scabs or dry skin you may notice. Everyone’s skin is different, so you may or may not have scabbing.  Do not sleep on your face.
  • We have a “DO NOT PANIC 7-day rule” during the first week. The color will appear darker first, and then lighter by day 7. The skin takes up to 7 days to grow a new layer of skin over the color (like putting a sheet over it to mute the color).
  • Do NOT go in direct sun for the first 7 days, this will risk burn and darkening to your tattoo. After the 7 days, you can resume any makeup needed for touch up areas until you are seen back for your follow up appointment.
  • You must use sunscreen on these areas as this skin is now very delicate and you must protect your tattoo.
  • Do not work out for 48 hours after your procedure. Light activity can resume but nothing that will cause you to SWEAT! Excessive skin oil/sweat will blur the hair strokes of your new brows.
  • Do not tan or use retinol/anti-aging creams for 30 days after your service.
  • Do not wax the brow area as this can pull off your tattoo. Schedule any tweezing/sculpting sessions with us for best results.
  • For long term retention, clients that continue to use our Restore products will get longer wear of their tattoo. We encourage you to wait two years before getting your tattoo refreshed if possible, but some people do need to come back sooner.  If you have brow hair, you can prolong your tattoo wear by coming in for brow tinting treatments.  If you have very light or gray hair, we encourage brow tinting by us - please call us for an appointment.
  • Sun, chlorine, scrubs, peels, and waxing will fade, peel or dissolve your color – avoid these.
  • Do not use facial scrubbing brushes of any kind on the face near the brows.
  • Continued use of our Restore products will prolong your tattoo and is less expensive than coming back for frequent retouch sessions. Restore Eyes can be used on Brows, Liner and also is a great under the eye crème.  Restore lips is a fantastic daily use lip hydration product.  Call us to be sure they are in stock before stopping by as we do go through the product quickly.   Our products are made fresh each batch to ensure quality.  Our products are highly concentrated in nutrients and vitamins and are free from preservatives.  The ingredients are certified organic.
  • When having your lips tattooed, you may not see much color after the first visit. It also can take up to 6 weeks for the color to “settle” to a visible layer.   It is possible that you could have a cold sore break out after your procedure, if this happens, do not panic, call us and let us know, and also get a prescription from your doctor for anti-viral medications.


  • If you are prone to cold sores, you must be on an anti-viral medication 2 days before, the day of, and 2 days after any lip procedures. Be sure to get enough of a prescription for both of your sessions.
  • If you are having an eyeliner procedure, you must not be on any lash enhancement products for at least a month prior.
  • You should not be on any blood thinners (Motrin, aspirin, fish oil, Co-Q10). Do not drink alcohol the night before.  If you are on blood thinning prescription, please check with your physician.
  • Pregnant or nursing are not candidates for tattooing.
  • If you are a cancer patient, you need medical clearance from your doctor for any procedures.
  • If you are a cancer survivor, you need to wait 6 months before having a tattoo.
  • You will not be able to give blood for a period of time after having any tattoo.
  • You should not have any MRI during the healing process (for at least 6 weeks).

What to expect after permanent makeup

After your procedure, you may experience swelling (more likely for eyeliner and lips); brows will have minimal swelling.  Some clients swell more than others depending on how each individual's skin responds to the procedure (everyone’s skin is different and responds accordingly). This may mean the area feels itchy. It will appear darker for the first week until the final healed result is complete. Your 30-day touchup will complete your session. **If you have very few grey hairs, you may opt to tweeze them.  If you have a lot, you can tint them with us.

For eyeliner, it is very important for you to ice every hour throughout the first day for swelling to prevent the risk of color migration.   

What's next if I am healed?

After your final touch up, your permanent makeup should last between 1 and 5 years depending on how well you take care of them. We recommend that you wait two years before coming in for another touch up. We also recommend that you continue using the Restore Product Line (specifically created and available only here at Custom Beaute). These products will prolong your color and keep the tattooed area healthy.  We also encourage the use of SPF 30 or higher year-round as well as sunglasses (for liner and brow clients).   An SPF face stick is very convenient (and our favorite) for use on your eyebrows. 

Our MAINTAIN Facial Cleanser and Toner are also fabulous products created especially for our Custom Beaute clients and are the perfect complement to your skincare regime which will help you keep your rich color vibrant and long lasting.

Appointment Policies

Upon leaving you will schedule a 4-6 week complimentary touch up appointment.  We strongly advise you to keep this appointment.  If you reschedule, you will be charged $125 to move this session as the schedule is very full and we need to be able to accommodate everyone.

Our clients will receive one complimentary touch up within 8 weeks.  When a client does not return within 60 days for this complimentary touch up, it is no longer complimentary, and will be charged $125. Any 4-6-week complimentary touch up appointment that is rescheduled, cancelled or no showed will FORFEIT this complimentary appointment. ***

  • We want your brows to last you.  Please use your sunscreen and avoid harsh products.
  • We want you to wait at a minimum of one year before having a touch up and prefer you wait two years. Your tattoos are going to fade, and you may have to use a little makeup on them as time goes on. 
  • Too much color applied too frequently will build up and will have to at some point be removed. The excess pigment needs to have the opportunity to come out on its own.
  • Medical conditions, lifestyle and general health will impact how long your tattoo will last.


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