Permanent eyeliner makeup - also known as eyeliner microblading, microstroking and dermal cosmetics - are a form of cosmetic tattooing. The permanent cosmetic application uses tiny needles and various techniques and tools that implant pigments into the skin for a more defined shape. Since the pigment is being implanted into the skin it must be considered permanent, and yes, it is a tattoo regardless of what you may hear. However, the pigments do fade over a time of 1-3 years depending on the skin health and lifestyle, at which time, will require a retouch of the treatment.

Permanent cosmetics in general, are not necessarily intended to replace makeup completely. When you are ready to kick up your heels and go out for a night on the town, or want a different look, you can apply as much additional makeup as you wish. Permanent cosmetics are a great alternative to those that have suffered from hair loss, cancer, alopecia, over-tweezing, and thinning eyebrows. It is also a great alternative to the busy professional, that needs to look her best all of the time, and also great for athletes.

We made a complete FAQ about permanent cosmetics, with everything you need to know about it. Click here and check it out.

Be a savvy consumer! Proper training, skills, photographs of work and testimonials are a must! For your safety, please do your research and make sure your artist has been trained by an SPCP Trainer Member for permanent makeup fundamentals as well as advanced training. Fundamentals training is a minimum of 100 hours from an SPCP Trainer. Advanced training can include courses such as: Microblading, Areola and Microneedling that take thousands of hours of practice.

Custom Beaute offers permanent eyeliner makeup in Amherst, Buffalo, Tonawanda, Williamsville, Clarence, Grand Island, Niagara Falls and the surrounding western New York area. Our staff is certified and trained by our trainer and master artist Sherry Hale.

 Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals


Microblading is a tool where a row of needles are used to place the pigment into the skin by creating tiny (paper cut like) hair stroke shapes that push the color into the skin.  This microblade tool is a manual tool that makes the procedure more affordable to the technician applying it and has become very popular due to this.  At Custom Beaute, we believe this method of microblading can leave adverse effects to the skin and also presents many challenges in having the color heal to the intended color. 

When seeking microblading in Amherst, Buffalo, western New York or elsewhere, you must do your research.  It takes years of training to learn how to properly tattoo faces.  Custom Beaute has professionals with experience, licensing, certifications and the latest technology.  Instead of using microblading, that can create additional trauma to the skin, we use a bladeless technology, which allows precision, control and very little trauma. Click here if you want to know more



Our training was received exclusively from SPCP-associated and world master trainers. Our procedures can enhance and correct skin deficiencies in a complementary way that may not be treated by other methods. Two examples are patients who have Alopecia who need to intensify the appearance of hair in a balding area or patients who have underwent breast reconstruction who might desire an areola redesign. We can do this by using micropigmentation and needling techniques.

Clients must be 18 or older to have these procedures.

I had session number 1 of eyeliner done on Saturday March 18 and the results were fantastic! I followed orders and had very little swelling and barely any redness. I was totally amazed how little side effects I had, and how great my eyes look now! My friends cannot believe it. I will absolutely encourage any of my friends/family who may be interested to make an appointment!. Although I have had very little fading, I am still looking forward to my follow up appointment to make the lines slightly thicker. Thank you again, Sherry! Still in amazement!