Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning is a safe way to treat yourself and get a tropical tan within hours. This precisely tinted formula adds immediate color for a perfect application, while a generous amount of organic DHA maintains rich, natural color for the days to follow.

Body Spray Tanning in Amherst Buffalo NY

From Tahiti to Sydney. Moorea to London. Bora Bora to Los Angeles. South Seas Skin Care has built its reputation providing island inspired body bronzing and body care products. Developed to enhance, accelerate and extend your bronzing experience.

Continuously voted “Best of the Best” by Allure magazine. Featured on dozens of television shows and magazines, our paraben-free products are universal. They work for all skin types and provide a completely natural, glowing color. South Seas products use only the finest all-natural ingredients available. They include Certified Organic DHA, Shea Butter, Citrus, Ginseng, and Cucumber. Our products are never tested on animals.

Julie Nostrand started South Seas Skin Care in 2001 after being diagnosed with skin cancer. After years of research and development, Julie created the safest way to achieve the golden tan she loved with spray tan. Today, South Seas is the ‘color of choice’ used by over 3,000 film and television makeup artists, celebrities, the world’s finest hotels, resorts/spas, and the original DWTS spray tan provider.

Custom Beaute offers spray tanning application in Amherst, Buffalo and Western NY area.

Tanning Solutions

Many choices of spray tanning in Amherst NY

Many choices of spray tanning in Buffalo NY

Pre-Tan Instructions

It is important to properly prepare your skin to be tanned. This will insure an even and long-lasting color.

  • Exfoliate your skin before your tan for best results and a longer lasting tan. (Do NOT use a salt or sugar scrub) A light loofah is recommended. Pay attention to dryer areas such as elbows and knees.
  • Do NOT shave the day of your tan. Waxing and shaving should be done 24 hours before your airbrush tan.
  • Do NOT shampoo/condition hair day of treatment. Residue tends to remain on back if not properly rinsed and can cause spray tan to bead
  • Do NOT wear deodorant to your appointment
  • The morning of your tanning, do NOT moisturize.
  • Remove make-up and jewelry before your tan. (make-up wipes should be oil free)
  • Bring an umbrella in case it rains!
What to Wear
  • Wear loose fitting clothing and flip-flops to your appointment.
  • Women: You may wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable to tan in. It is recommended to wear dark colors if you opt to wear a swimsuit.
  • Men: You must wear undergarments during your tanning session, disposable underwear can be provided to you
After Care Instructions

It is important to properly care for your tan after you have received it.

  • Wait at least 8-10 hours before you shower so that the tan has a chance to develop. You can also sleep overnight and shower in the morning if you like.
  • When you shower, all the bronzer will wash off and your beautiful sunless tan will be revealed
  • Moisturize daily to keep skin from drying out which will result in a longer lasting tan. It is recommend you purchase our after skincare set
  • Avoid excessive swimming
  • Avoid light colored clothing until after your first shower
  • The bronzer will rub off on your clothing the day of your tan but should wash out easily.
  • Avoid Dove products and bar soaps to get the best out of your airbrush tan. Don't use loofahs or exfoliate skin until your tan is gone.
  • Drinking plenty of water will also help keep moisture in your skin.
  • Try to avoid hot showers and pat skin dry during the life of your tan
  • Your tan should last 5-7 days depending on tan on your individual skin
  • Be sure to wear a waterproof sunblock when swimming
  • Your airbrush tan does not provide any sun protection